Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Style Icon: Lily Rose Depp

If it wasn't for her last name, Lily would look like a totally ordinary but stylish girl from 21st century. Perhaps with a tumblr blog that has 7456 followers and reblogs of well-composed instagram pictures, funny text posts and some drawings that share problems of teenagers. However, she is a daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, has landed couple of roles in the movies and is becoming a style icon in speed of light. Her style seems effortless but well-put, eclectic and most of all - available for every other teen that looks up to her. She's no Kylie Jenner - doesn't lounge at home wearing Balmain (at least, it's not what it looks like)or have different Chanel bags for every day of the year (although, that said, she just attended and took part in the latest Chanel show). Her image is down to earth and that's what's attractive about her.

Buy yourself a nude-coloured matt lip product, put on a gemini attitude and you are good to go.
Oh, also - you have to look like a reflection of young Vanessa Paradis. But it's not an issue, is it?

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